Placemaking: Deacon & Windcrest

The Deacon & Windcrest community invited me to be their project artist and work with them to bring their vision to life. The core team lead 5 community sessions with the help of HRM's Kate MacLennan, where folks were guided in imagining, brainstorming, drawing and discussing what is important to their community and what they would like to see on the street and how representational or abstract it should be. In our final session we worked to create a brief for the design. (See the brief to the left) Funding for the project was provided by the 4Cs Foundation.

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Placemaking Halifax

Halifax PlaceMaking, Deacon Street

Design Brief:
– Abstract / connective / organic
– Subtly representational
– Using negative space creatively
– non-directional (reads well from all angles)
– Organic lines & shapes
– Colourful

Keywords / Themes (Tiers indicate importance)
Tier 1. ) Must haves: Bee, Fox, Flowers/Bluebells, Bike
Tier 2.) Gardening, Vines, Leaves, People, Music, Ocean or Waves
Tier 3.) If there is room: Sport, Farming/History


Concept Sketch

Anna Stowe - Halifax Placemaking, Deacon Street

First Draft Design

Deacon Placemaking Final Design

Final Design with revisions (60’x38′, 6 colours)

Deacon Placemaking - Chalking

My husband and I chalked out the design the day before. Painting day was a full day of street party, BBQ, games, science experiments and live music!

Halifax Placemaking, Anna Ramsay

Halifax Placemaking, Anna Ramsay

Halifax Placemaking, Anna Ramsay